We have been providing fine websites for great people since we launched in 2006.  

In the digital world everything changes fast.

So we are constantly adjusting the way we work.

We do everything we can to ensure your website works tomorrow (not just today)

We adhere to standards compliancy and best practice.

But we don't just tick boxes. 

We have a lot of experience.  

We understand the rules and apply them accordingly. 

One thing that never changes is our philosophy.

We believe in clean, accessible and usable design

We are committed to providing websites that are accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability.

Our Work 

We have a broad range of happy clients from corporate businesses to local independents, charities, artisans and craftspeople. 

Clooti also work extensively for other web organisations in the UK, providing web design, development, consultation services and accessibility audits.


  • We have extensive skills in all areas of the web: accessibility, usability, concept, branding, marketing, design build and development.
  • We have up to date experience working with a broad range of open source CMS systems.
  • We offer a Bespoke design and build process. Every client is treated as an individual and our procedures evolve daily to keep up with changes in the web.

You can view our Portfolio here

Who are we?

Clooti Company was set up in 2006 by Rachael Pollitt and Elaine Brown,

Clooti are a web design team based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Rachael Pollitt worked as senior web builder for Poptel Technology after re-training in web design in 2000.  (Poptel lay claim to being the earliest website accessibility gurus.)

Rachael is a specialist in Accessible Web Design and many of the websites she developed have won awards for accessibility.

Rachael is also a former graduate of Central St Martins School of Art.

Elaine Brown re-trained in web design in 1999 and worked as a web designer in London gaining extensive experience in e-commerce and image library websites.

Her responsibilities covered all aspects of commercial site production.

She is also a former graduate of Edinburgh College of Art and a post-graduate of Sheffield Hallam University.